Our services

1. Advice and creation of your private layout

“Form must adapt to function” is the basic principle of USM modular systems. Applying this principle therefore leads to an economic and ecological perspective, with the useful life of a product playing a crucial part.

  • Listening to your needs: type of furniture, dimensions, colours.
  • Preparing a quotation: price calculation and sketch.
  • Assembly and delivery.

2. General advice on professional space layout

An analysis of needs will be the reference point for preparing your project and formulating a pre-design plan.

For some layouts, a meeting can be organised with an adviser and an interior design architect.

  • Solution to optimise your spaces.
  • 3D picture and drawings.
  • Preparing a quotation: price calculation and sketch
  • Assembly, delivery and installation.

3. Delivery of furniture


Delivery will be to level 0, either by us or by a transport operator of our choice.

Your presence is essential for the delivery, to sign the delivery note.

Personalised delivery

Delivery and installation by us will be carried out using best professional practice.

Our assemblers have the necessary skills and technical tools to guarantee meticulous assembly and a quality service. A meeting will be arranged according to our availability.

The furniture is pre-assembled in our workshops and finished on the spot according to access possibilities. In this case, the packaging for our deliveries will be removed.

Your presence is essential on delivery to sign the delivery note.

4. After-sales service

We provide an after-sales service to which we attach great importance.

USM modular systems allow you to develop, expand or transform your furniture as you require.

Additions and alterations can be carried out on request, solely on the basis of a quotation.

5. Guarantee

All products are guaranteed for 2 years as from delivery for any manufacturing defect, for normal use.

Products are our responsibility until delivery.

This guarantee only covers defective parts and does not apply if it is observed that a third party has attempted to make repairs.

In the case of more complex installations, the guarantee commences as soon as the furniture is installed on your premises.

6. Showroom

Our showroom is open from Tuesday to Friday, by appointment only.

You can contact us by telephone on +32 (0)2 347.03.18 or by e-mail at usm.must@skynet.be

Avenue Massenet 6, 1190 Brussels.