1. What material is the USM ball made from ?

The USM bal lis a chromium-plated brass ball with six M8x1 threaded holes.

2. Are there wood or plastic panels as wel ?

The demand. for high technical quality over several life cycles, close tolerance ranges, dimensional stability, variations in temperature and air humidity, and durability can generally only be achieved with the precise steel material. However, in certain conditions, wood or plastic panels can be used for the horizontal level. Please contact your sales partner.

3. Why is the 100 mm tube the shortest ?

The dimensions given are the modular dimensions of the USM system and refer to the distance from ball center to ball center. The ball en tubes ar cnnected by a connector (double wedge) whuch is 40 mm long. Two connectors(2 x 40 mm) are required to connect the tube + 2x the distance between the end of the tube and the center of the ball. The USM tube is therefore the shortest possible.

4. Why is the 750 mm tube the longest ?

The longer the tube the longer unfavorable the static ratio between tube diameter and tube length. Tubes longer than 750 mm would bend, even under normal weights.

5. Are there any instructions for self-assembly ?

To ensure the high level of USM quality in the whole manufacturing processes and for product liability, our furniture systems are only assembled by trained personnel employed by our sales partners.

6. What materials are USM Modular Furniture made from ?

The basic ide ais for every product line to be an open system consisting of the same type of materials. The furniture frames are made from chromium-plated and the panels from powder steel respectively. Complex molded parts that are not suitable for mechanical production, for example, fittings, clamping elements and handles are made from plastic injection molding or high pressure metal die casting, depending on the strength required.

7. How thick are the table tops ?

The table tops in the USM Haller and USM Kitos ranges are 19 mm ( 8 inch) thick.

8. Are there any special instructions on how to care for the USM modular furniture products ?

Chromium-plated, powder coated and glass elements, as well as all table top surfaces should be wiped clean with a damp cotton cloth and then dried. Glass cleaner or water with methilated spirit ina 10 :1 solution can also be used for more stubbom dirt.

Please note that acetone, cellulose thinner and cleaning agents with strong concentrations of acid or alkali and abrasive particles should never be used on the furniture