1. Order against quotation

You will receive a quotation as quickly as possible. This will include any transport and installation costs.

If you accept the quotation, return it signed “approved” on each page by e-mail to usm.must@skynet.be, by fax to +32 (0)2 343.49.79 or by post.

The order will be confirmed on receipt of a down payment of 40% to be made by bank transfer (see quotation) giving your particulars and the number of the quotation in the “communication” section.

The delivery period and date of delivery will be communicated to you with the confirmation.

We would ask you to pay the balance of the invoice (60%) on delivery by bank transfer within three working days after delivery (see general conditions).

Validity of the quotation

  • Quotations are valid for two months as from the date of the quotation unless otherwise indicated on the quotation.
  • Any modification made to the quotation by the purchaser is not binding on MUST SPRL until it gives its written confirmation.

2. Online Order

Please see “Legal notice” / Terms and conditions of sale.